TV Grass - TV Grama

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Language Español
Category Television , shows
Foundation 1986
First edition November 21 , 1986
Last edition April 30 , 2015
Editor Juan Ignacio Oto Larios
Subeditors Solange Eguía M. (editor)
Patricio Corvalán
Publisher Holland Communications
Company Holland Communications
Frequency Biweekly
Circulation Fifteen
Official website

TV-Grama was a Chilean biweekly magazine dedicated to the show that was born on November 21 , 1986 as a weekly magazine. It belonged to Holland Comunicaciones SA and was considered the leading magazine in sales of national publications.

Between 1993 and 2014, the TV-Grama Awards were awarded, where Chilean television programs and characters were awarded, which became a true tradition of the Chilean artistic medium.


The TV-Grama magazine began its circulation on Friday , November 21 , 1986 . At that time, the weekly programming of UCV Televisión , Televisión Nacional de Chile , Channel 9 Signal 2 of TVN , Channel 11 Universidad de Chile Televisión , Channel 13 Universidad Católica de Chile Televisión , Telenorte and Channel 5 of Concepción appeared .

A characteristic of TV-Grama has been to give gifts with each edition (usually posters and autographed photos). With the birth of Megavisión in October of 1990 ; Network Channel 4 in May of 1991 , Channel 2 Rock & Pop and Gran Santiago Television , in August and December of 1995 , the magazine stopped publishing schedules Channel 5 of Conception and Telenorte .

During those years, the magazine continued to publish weekly television programming, including some channels that currently no longer exist such as Rock & Pop Televisión (1995-2000) and Gran Santiago Televisión (1995-2000). Also of the programming and descriptions of the programs of the TV Cable Intercom channels (1992-1995) and Metrópolis Intercom (1996-2005).

The musical rankings prepared by the magazine were also relevant, dividing initially into AM for Spanish songs and FM for youth songs, both in English and Spanish, on the basis of the information provided by the same AM and radio stations. FM of Santiago and regions. As of October 1999, it was only divided into Spanish and Anglo ranking.

In November of 2006 , she undergoes a cosmetic change, adopting a logo similar to that of the US magazine TV Guide .

During those years, each edition of TV-Grama presented the weekly programming of Telecanal , La Red , UCV Televisión , Televisión Nacional de Chile , Mega , Chilevisión , Canal 13 , + Más Canal 22 and Liv TV , in addition to the TV channels Cable HBO , Cinecanal and Via X .

Later, in late November of 2009 , he underwent a change resounding magazine and its circulation as it begins to appear every 15 days (two weeks) and double programming channels open presents, and were eliminated two cable channels except for one (Via X).

In mid-January 2010, the magazine became weekly again and the weekly programming was renewed, adding the cable TV channels Cinemax and The Film Zone .

Due to several problems in the edition and with the boom in the broadcast of entertainment programs and the Interactive Guides of Cable and Satellite Television, the magazine was once again biweekly, but the programming was simply weekly.

It published its latest issue on April 30, 2015, shortly before Holland Communications' closure announcement .

TV-Grama auction (November 30, 2016)

On November 30, 2016 , Juan Ignacio Oto Larios sold TV-Grama to a businessman, a year after the bankruptcy of Holland Communications, the publishing company that edited the magazine and organized the awards that bore the magazine's name. [ 1 ]


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