Union Günnigfeld - Union Günnigfeld

Union Günnigfeld
Full name Sports club Union
Günnigfeld 1911 eV
place Bochum , North Rhine-Westphalia
Founded 1911
Dissolved 2002 (merger to form VfB Günnigfeld )
Club colors green white
Stadium Sports field on Kirchstrasse
Top league Association League Westphalia
successes Landesliga Season 3, 2nd place (1955)

Union Günnigfeld (officially: Sportverein Union Günnigfeld 1911 eV ) was a sports club from the Bochum district of Günnigfeld . The first soccer team played in the highest Westphalian amateur league for 14 years.


The club was founded on July 8, 1911 as Ballspielverein Günnigfeld and 20 days later it was renamed Union Günnigfeld . Two years later the club was included in the West German Game Association . [1] After the Second World War the Union in 1949 went into the Landesliga Westfalen , which was at that time the highest Westphalian amateur league. There the team succeeded in the promotion season 1949/50 the qualification for the single track national league. Two years lateronly the increase in the national league in a five-tier division saved the Union from relegation. In 1955, the Günnigfeld runners-up in the regional league season 3 behind Eintracht Gelsenkirchen . [2] 7,000 spectators watched the top game in Günnigfeld, which ended with a 1-1. [3]

Union qualified a year later for the newly created Association League Westphalia . There the team was in the opening season 1956/57 with nine points behind the Sportfreunde Gladbeck runner-up in group 2. In the following period, the club lost numerous top performers and could no longer continue this success. After several years of relegation battle, Union had to relegate from the Association League in 1963 . It was the first of three descents in a row that led the Günnigfelder in 1965 to the district class. From 1978 to 1981 and from 1982 to 1985 the club reached the district league again. [3]


The best-known Union Günnigfeld player was Willi Schulz , better known as "World Cup Willi". Schulz made his debut in the German national team on December 20, 1959 and was runner-up in 1966 . With Wilhelm Sturm , Union produced another national player who won the 1966 European Cup Winners' Cup with Borussia Dortmund .

Successor club VfB Günnigfeld

VfB Günnigfeld
Name VfB Günnigfeld
Venue District sports facility Kirchstrasse
Places 3.000
Head coach Sascha Wolf
League District League Westphalia 10
2019/20 10th place
Website vfbguennigfeld.de

In 2000 the union merged with the club DJK Westfalia Günnigfeld, founded in October 1926, to form VfB Günnigfeld. The footballers of the DJK Westfalia were five times association champions at the football championships of the German youth force . [1] The merger went for the Günnigfelder football back up. Just two years after the merger, VfB was promoted to the district league before it went up to the regional league in 2004. [3] After seven years of decline followed in the regional league. In 2013 VfB was runner-up behind SV Horst Emscher 08 and failed in the promotion relegation to Red-White Deuten. Only a year later, the rise succeeded. [4] In 2019, VfB had to coach Sascha Wolf go back to the county league.

VfB produced a future professional in Mike Terranova , while an ex-professional, Peter Közle, brought his career to an end at VfB Günnigfeld.

Individual evidence

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