Waterways and Shipping Office Emden - Wasserstraßen- und Schifffahrtsamt Emden

Emden Waterways and Shipping Office
(WSA Emden)

State level Bund
position Local authority
Supervisory authority Directorate-General for Waterways and Shipping
founding 1949
resolution January 15, 2020
Headquarters Emden

The Emden Waterways and Shipping Office (WSA Emden) was a waterways and shipping office in Germany. It belonged to the service area of ​​the General Directorate for Waterways and Shipping , formerly Waterways and Shipping Directorate Northwest .

During the reorganization of the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration in 1979, the administrative area of ​​the Emden Waterways and Shipping Office was expanded to include the areas of the former Empty and North Waterways and Shipping Authorities . By merging the waterways and shipping authorities in Emden and Meppen , the new waterways and shipping authorities in Ems-Nordsee were merged on January 15, 2020 .

Area of ​​responsibility

The Emden Waterways and Shipping Office was responsible for the Ems from Papenburg to the Ems approach near Borkum , the Leda from the border of the districts of Leer and Papenburg, the Ems Lateral Canal from below the Borssum lock to the Ems and the North Sea from the Dutch border to to the Harle fairway between the islands of Spiekeroog and Wangerooge and in the north to the southern border of the traffic separation area .

Area of ​​responsibility

The tasks of the Emden Waterways and Shipping Office included:


The outskirts in Leer and Borkum as well as the outskirts of Emden and the Emden building yard with a branch on Norderney belonged to the Emden waterways and shipping authority .

  • The suburb of Leer was responsible for the Lower Ems from Papenburg to Höhe Pogum , the Leda and the Ems Lateral Canal between Oldersum and Borssum as well as the maintenance and operation of the Leda barrage and the Oldersum lock .
  • The outskirts of Emden were responsible for the Außenems (from the Pogum level) to the Ems approach near Borkum ( Westerems approach buoy ), the Osterems and the East Frisian Wadden Sea to Wangerooge.
  • The suburb of Borkum was responsible for structures and facilities (e.g. lighthouses, radio and radar systems) on and around the island of Borkum.
  • The construction yard in Emden with the branch on Norderney performed maintenance and repair tasks in particular on floating and fixed sea marks and was responsible for maintaining the Leda barrage, the Oldersum lock and the Ems traffic control center as well as the fleet of the Emden waterways and shipping authorities.

Ems traffic control center

Ems traffic center of the WSA Emden

The Emden Waterways and Shipping Office maintained the Ems traffic control center , from which shipping traffic on the Ems is monitored and controlled around the clock. The trial operation of the traffic control, initially as a radar monitoring on the Ems, was started in 1967 from Borkum. Since 1972 the traffic control center is one of nine facilities of the kind in Germany at the Knock near Emden.

The Ems traffic center is now a German-Dutch joint institution. The basis of the cooperation is the so-called radar contract from 1980, which was concluded as a supplement to the Ems-Dollart contract of 1960 after the establishment of a Dutch radar station near Eemshaven in 1974.

Small vehicle license plate

The small water vehicles in the area of ​​the waterways and shipping office Emden were assigned small vehicle license plates with the identification EMD .

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