Waterways and Shipping Office Stuttgart - Wasserstraßen- und Schifffahrtsamt Stuttgart

Stuttgart Waterways and Shipping Authority
(WSA Stuttgart)

State level Bund
position Local authority
Supervisory authority Directorate-General for Waterways and Shipping
resolution March 11, 2019
Headquarters Stuttgart

The Stuttgart Waterways and Shipping Office (WSA Stuttgart ) was a waterways and shipping office in Germany. It belonged to the service area of ​​the General Directorate Waterways and Shipping , formerly the Waterways and Shipping Directorate Southwest .

By merging the Stuttgart and Heidelberg waterways and shipping authorities , the new Neckar waterway and shipping department was merged on March 11, 2019 .

Area of ​​responsibility

The Stuttgart Waterways and Shipping Office administered the Neckar from Heilbronn to the Wernau / Plochingen municipal border . The suburbs of Lauffen, Marbach and Stuttgart as well as the Heilbronn building yard were subordinate to the office.

The tasks

The tasks could be broken down as follows:

  • Operation of the federally owned shipping facilities (27 locks and weirs on the Neckar)
  • Maintenance of the Neckar including its banks, locks and weirs
  • Regulation and order of shipping z. B. by shipping signs
  • Acquisition and evaluation of water levels, runoff (e.g. Plochingen gauge) and other environmentally relevant data (e.g. temperature).
  • Issuance of electricity and shipping police permits for the construction and operation of systems on the federal waterway (e.g. water intake and discharge structures, bridges, jetties and handling facilities)
  • Coordinating events on the waterway
  • Conclusion of usage agreements for the use of federally owned areas
  • Handling of ongoing expansion and new construction projects (e.g. new construction of the Untertürkheim weir)

Neckar federal waterway

The Neckar is an important traffic artery to the business locations Heilbronn, Stuttgart and Plochingen. Almost 10 million tons of goods are transported annually to these areas via the waterway. In a society that is dependent on industry and trade, transport routes of this type are indispensable. The ship / waterway transport system makes this available in a particularly environmentally friendly way. In particular, the relief of the highways from the Rhine ports of Karlsruhe and Mannheim in the direction of Stuttgart directly benefits the population.

Due to the capacity reserves that are available in the shipping sector, the constantly growing demand for transport capacities is also ensured in the future.

In addition, the Neckar is also a playground for cultural and sporting events, especially in the Stuttgart area. In order to bring this in line with traffic, the WSA supports the organizers with advice and action.

  • Route length: 203 km, from the municipal border of Wernau to the confluence with the Rhine
  • Barrages: 27, height of fall of the locks between 3.60 m and 8.40 m
  • Total difference in altitude: 160.70 m
  • Lock dimensions: length 110 m, width 12 m
  • Approved ships: ships up to 105 m in length and 11.45 m in width
  • Freight transport: approx. 10 million t annually
  • Number of ships: approx. 14,000 annually

WSA events

As part of its public relations work, the WSA regularly organized or supported events for the citizens of Stuttgart in order to bring the waterway closer to the citizens as a place of experience.

  • For example, in 2005 the WSA co-organized the “Singing River” project as part of the Theater der Welt.
  • Every year the WSA organizes an open day to provide insights into the work of the branch offices and building yards.
  • The WSA provides direct and indirect support for a wide variety of water sports events.
  • Such extraordinary performances as a lock chamber concert had already come about with the support of the WSA.
  • The WSA used the environmental night of the city of Stuttgart to provide information about light pollution and the waterway. There was an information booth in the planetarium on the evening of September 29, 2006. In addition, lock tours and tours with the supervisory boat were offered in the “Environment Week”.
  • In 2008 the WSA celebrated the 50th birthday of the Neckar federal waterway.

Small vehicle license plate

Small vehicle registration numbers with the identifier S are assigned to the small watercraft in the area of ​​the Stuttgart Waterways and Shipping Office .

Coordinates: 48 ° 48 '13.4 " N , 9 ° 11' 3.4" E