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Wingenfelder 2015 in Wittmund as part of the "A matter of taste" program
Wingenfelder 2015 in Wittmund as part of the "A matter of taste" program
General information
Genre(s) Pop
founding 28. April 2010
Founding members
Kai Wingenfelder
Thorsten Wingenfelder
Current occupation
Fabian Schulz
Volker Rechin
Tobi Pluta
Robbie Schuller
Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Better as a couple
FROM 35 23.09.2011 (1 week)
Self timer
FROM 23 06.09.2013 (1 week)
22814 (live + acoustic + imperfect)
FROM 100 20.02.2015 (1 week)
FROM 28 11.09.2015 (1 week)
Seven skies high
FROM 9 15.06.2018 (6 weeks)
Transmission lock test image
FROM 19 25.09.2020 (1 week)
When the time comes
FROM 36 30.11.2012 (5 weeks)

Wingenfelder is a German-language pop - duo . It has been made up of the brothers Kai and Thorsten Wingenfelder since 2010 .


The brothers Kai and Thorsten Wingenfelder are both active as songwriters , guitarists and singers in the group. The two also have these functions with the rock band Fury in the Slaughterhouse, which was dissolved in 2008 and re-established in 2017 . In 2011 her first album Besser zu zwei was released under the name wingenfelder: Wingenfelder . [2] Place It reached 35 of the German album charts . Her second album, Off the Record, followed in 2012 . [3]

In November 2012, the band released the Christmas carol When the Time Comes . The profit from the sale of the single was donated to the parents' association of the children's cancer station of the MHH Hannover e. V. donated. [4] The single reached 36th place in the German charts.

In 2013 the brothers shortened their band name to Wingenfelder and released their third album with a self-timer . It placed 23rd in the German charts. At the beginning of 2015 a live album with the name 22814 (live + acoustic + imperfect) followed, which was created in the large recording room of Studio Nord in Bremen. The fourth studio album Retro followed in September 2015 and the live tour for the new album began in November 2015. In 2018 the band released their fourth studio album Sieben Himmel hoch , which reached number 9 in the official German charts. [6]



  • 2007: Alone (nur Kai Wingenfelder solo)
  • 2011: Better as a couple
  • 2012: Off the Record
  • 2013: self-timer
  • 2015: 22814 (live + acoustic + imperfect)
  • 2015: Retro
  • 2018: Seven skies high
  • 2020: Transmission lock test image


  • 2012: When the time comes
  • 2015: Hey Cowboy
  • 2018: don't fall in love with me
  • 2018: in the middle of life

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