Yingo - Yingo

Yingo was aChilean youth television program produced and broadcast by Chilevisión between 2007 and 2013 .

On Friday, February 1, 2013, after six years of transmission, the program led by Karol Lucero ended in a longer broadcast than normal and in the middle of the vast majority of its historical members. [ 1 ]


The beggining

First season

The original idea of ​​the program was that two people with limited economic resources were represented by a team, and in a competition to win a scholarship for higher education. The program began on November 21 , 2007 . [ 2 ] The grand finale for the scholarship was on March 7, 2008.

  • Lucila Vit
  • Maria Jose Pestán
  • Verónica Fiore
  • Mara Coleoni
  • Jocelyn medina
  • Joyce Castiblanco
  • Leilani Mathews
  • Mariuxi Dominguez

On March 17, 2008 the format changed and the teams dissolved them into "Modelais" and "Populais".

  • Natalia Rodríguez (Sandstone)
  • Camila Aravena
  • Valentina Roth
  • Gabriela Zuñiga (Gaby)
  • Nicole Romero
  • Jennifer Iturra (Gussy)
  • Karol Lucero (Karol Dance)
  • Cristián Jara (Hardcorito)
  • Erick Manosalva (Lelo)
  • Rodrigo Avilés (Hen)
  • Julio Canessa (Kneza)
  • Alexander Núñez (Sandstone)
  • Pavel Ramos (Pavlik)

Second season

In July 2009, a competition for a car began in which it was made up of pairs and various tests were carried out. "The 4 Men and 4 Women with the most votes were the contestants in this competition" Those were the conditions to be able to compete, the popular vote was what had to decide, the 4 Men and Women with the most votes were the contestants in the competition for a Car, but the least voted was eliminated forever from the program.

The winner of this season was Mónica Ferrada.

Third season

On Monday, November 16, 2009, training for the competition began for the department individually, after the grand final of the competition for the car, which was won by Mónica Ferrada. On November 30, captains Gallina and Karol Dance chose their ideal teams for the competition (colors White and Green respectively), and the next day the training competition between the two teams began, which lasted until mid-January. On Friday, January 15, 2010, the final teams were formed to compete, the competition began on Monday, January 18, and ended on Saturday, July 17 at 10:00 p.m.

The winner of this season was Iván Cabrera .

Fourth season

On Monday, July 19, 2010, after the end of the competition for a department won by Iván Cabrera, the "recess" of the program consisting of recreational tests began, simulating a training for the battle of the youth programs, Mekano, Rojo Fama Contrafama and Yingo. On Monday, August 2, the competition began, the 2 teams that come to compete in the program, the M team and the R team (Mekano and Rojo Fama Contrafama respectively), and the next day the Yingo team was chosen, among the members of the program. On Wednesday the 4th the captains of the M and R teams were elected, and the next day the captain of the Yingo team. Finally, on Friday the 6th, the institutions that the teams will represent were known and the competition began.Yingo , delivering the truck to the Fundación Artesanos de la vida.

Fifth season

On Monday, December 6, 2010, The Great Challenge began, the fifth competition of the program, with the introduction of the new members, after a month of training. The competition on this occasion was mixed couples, who competed in duels so as not to be in "La Pitilla". The couple with the worst performance in the week fought a duel, choosing the public who stayed and who was eliminated. The competition ended on May 27 , 2011 with Claudio Valdés "El Gitano" as the winner over Lucía Covarrubias.

Sixth season

There were 2 teams in this competition, the men's team captained by Iván Cabrera and the women's team by Laura Prieto. The competition was purely for talent and its juries were: May Schuster , Daniel Guerrero, Carlos Figueroa and the president of the jury Ricardo Cantin.

Season seven

After Yingo's low rating, the program decided to cancel its previous competition and carry out a "second stage" in the Las Estrellas Del Futuro competition, thus bringing in the most emblematic of the program. There were two teams that were "Los Talentosos" and "Los Históricos". The competition was one of talents and the jury was made up of Francesca Cigna "Blanquita Nieves", Willy Gaisee and its president, Ricardo Cantín.

War of the sexes

First season

On Monday, November 21, 2011, the first season of Yingo - War of the Sexes began. Final Prize: A car 0 km. It ended on Thursday, December 29, with the car being the big winner Kevin Vasquez .

Second season

On Wednesday, January 4, 2012, the second season of Yingo - War of the Sexes began. Final Prize: Trip to Cancun for 2 people all paid. It ended on Monday, January 30, with Cristian Jara "Hardcorito" being the great winner of the trip.

Third season

On Tuesday, January 31, 2012, the third season of Yingo - War of the Sexes began. Final Prize: Trip to Brazil. It ended on Friday March 16, being the great winner of the trip Alexander Nuñez "Arenito".

Fourth season

On Monday, March 19, 2012, the eleventh Yingo competition began, which made two groups compete, men and women, which were made up of high school students and classic figures of the program, that is, the competition groups will have a mixture between anonymous and famous. The idea is that they compete by means of tests, for example, of knowledge and general culture. The competitions will last for a whole week and on Fridays it will be determined who is the winning group, which will win a prize money equivalent to CL $ 1,000,000. This cash amount will go to the students, who will decide what they will spend it on, whether to do a study tour or a graduation party, to name just a few alternatives. Regarding the famous participants of the show, by being on the winning team they will save themselves from being eliminated from "Yingo" forever. Is that if they belong to the losing team, one of them will be eliminated weekly. An elimination process in which the nominees to leave the space will be chosen through the vote of their peers, while it will be the public who finally votes to remove someone from the program.[3]

Yingo Girls

In this reality competition 5 girls will participate to enter the documentary reality of the Yingo Girls , for this they must pass various tests to accumulate scores. The winner will not only enter the Yingo Girls Docu but will also be the new entertainer for Yingo Summer 2013.

Yingo Girls and Boys

In this reality competition, the entire cast participates to enter the new arc of 'Yingo Girls and Boys', for this they must pass various tests to accumulate scores. The winner will not only enter the Yingo Girls and Boys docu but will also be the new animator of Yingo summer 2013. Achieving Karol Dance the new funa power-up of the decade 2010-2020.

The winners turned out to be Connie Mengotti and Faloon Larraguibel, who were chosen by public vote.

Generation Yingo

These are some of the most recognized members who were part of Yingo:



N.º Title Duration
1. «Sweet boy» ( Catalina Palacios ) 3:03
2. "The dance of the tribe" (Mario and Team Yingo) 2:55
3. "The pliers" (Marco Da Silva) 3:08
4. "The dance of the cheek" (Ernesto Lavín) 3:05
5. «Let me live» (Marco Da Silva) 3:20
6. "Cheating" (Leyla and Marco) 2:50
7. «Salta» (Catalina and Hotuiti) 3:01
8. «My sweet girl» ( Mario Velasco ) 3:23
9. "Move the skeleton" (Marco Da Silva) 2:50
10. «The African» (Mariuxi and Team Yingo) 2:51
11. «No one is tired here '» (Ernesto Lavín) 3:02
12. «I see I see» (Gabriel M. and Gabriel T.) 3:08
13. «Kulikitaka» (Jocelyn and Lucila) 3:05
14. «Yingo» (Donko & The Sect) 2:56

Yingo 2

N.º Title Duration
1. «I miss you» (Hardcorito and Kneza)
2. «I am as I am» (Lelo)
3. "The photo" (Joyce)
4. "La cahuinera" (Jei Lo)
5. "This is love" ( Karen Paola and Carolina Mestrovic )
6. "We are not poncias" (Camila and Arenita)
7. «Tell him» (Valentina Roth)
8. «Touch touch» ( Rigeo )
9. " Come closer to me " ( Yamna Lobos )
10. «Come dance with me» (Joyce)
11. "The letter" (Jei Lo)
12. "Wake up the Chinese" ( Rigeo )
13. "I live in rebellion" ( Carolina Mestrovic )
14. «I want to know» ( Carolina Mestrovic )
15. Who signed you up? (Mario "The Amphibian" and Camilo)
16. «Pa 'la playa» (Mario "El Anfibio" and Camilo)
17. "Candela" (Jocelyn and Mariuxi)
18. «I need your love» ( Karol Dance )

Original series

Virtual love

In March of 2010 , Yingo released its first series called Love virtual , being previously called Electric Girl, joining the cast of the same members of the program. Its story revolves around two "stud" schoolchildren who create the ideal girl using a computer, but this girl will appear in school, revolutionizing the school environment and giving these two "nerds" the status of popular boys and inveterate gallants.

Don diablo

In September of 2010 , the second series premieres call Don Devil , who is starring Carolina Mestrovic and Karol Dance .

The story begins when Luciano Fernández (Felipe Armas), an eccentric guy with an overflowing and striking joy, introduces himself to his son, Ángel Bonilla (Karol Lucero), a quiet and shy boy who has been orphaned after the death of his mother , crushed by a piano, he is also madly in love with Malena Malebrán (Carolina Mestrovic), the most popular girl in his school, whom he met a month earlier on a beach.

There are entanglements and love threesomes, where two key characters appear: Blanca ( Catalina Palacios ), a good young woman - who is really an angel - who loves Ángel and will do everything to achieve his love; Virginia (Yamna Lobos) a sexy teacher who will even attract Carlangas (Rodrigo Avilés) one of her students; Bastián ( Iván Cabrera ) an attractive and intelligent athlete who will try to separate Malena from Ángel.


On April 6, 2011, the Vampiras series began to air , which stars Violeta Piuchen ( Carla Jara ), Verona Piuchen ( Gianella Marengo ), Vania Piuchen (Faloon Larraguibel), Nicolás Zarricueta ( Karol Dance ) and Tuco Zarricueta (Rodrigo Avilés), alias "Gallina" who are three "Vampihumanas" who go from the countryside to the city in search of new opportunities. Looking to fall in love and break their curse of vampires but when they know that the legend was not real, they must find the solution through fun adventures, classic villains and true love. Finding new people in your life and enemies who will try to separate you from your loves.


On January 2, 2012, the series Gordis begins to air , which stars Karla Vásquez and Faloon Larraguibel. Showing a tender and dreamy girl named Amelia who is in love with Carter Carrington, unfortunately they make a cruel joke that is courtesy of the popular ones, until Amelia finds a bottle and a funny genie comes out and asks her to become Carrie. Little by little Carrie will fall in love with Patrick and forgets Carter but when Carter decides to change and be good, she becomes confused and falls in love with both of them, then Carrie will begin to play her own personality remaining as another person, while Carter forgets Carrie and tries to win back Amelia.


The show's format was sold to other countries for replication, with some success in Paraguay, where it ran for several seasons, but not so much in Ecuador, where it only aired for one season before being taken off the air.

country Canal Issued between Seasons
Paraguay Paraguay The thirteen March 7, 2011 - December 29, 2014 8 seasons
Ecuador Ecuador Ecuavisa March 23, 2015 - July 17, 2015 1 season
Bolivia Bolivia[4] Network UNO 2018 2 seasons

Awards and nominations

Year Awards Category Receiver Outcome
2008 TV Grass Best Youth Program Winner
2008 TV Grass Best Youth Entertainer Catalina Palacios Winner
2009 TV Grass Best Youth Program Winner
2010 TV Grass Best Youth Program Winner
2010 TV Grass Best Youth Entertainer Karol Dance Nominated
2010 Golden Tie Youth Revelation Karol Dance Winner
2011 TV Grass Best Youth Entertainer Karol Dance Winner
2011 Golden Tie Popular face 2011 Karol Dance Winner
2012 The Golden Tuna Best Youth Program Winner
2013 TV Grass Best Youth Program Winner


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