Zeigler's wonderful world of football - Zeiglers wunderbare Welt des Fußballs

Zeigler's wonderful world of football is the name of a radio column, a television program and various printed works by Arnd Zeigler . The focus is on the German Bundesliga , which Zeigler often comments on in a satirical and humorous way.

Radio column

Zeigler has been producing the radio column for the radio station Bremen Vier since 1992 . As a rule, there is a new episode before each Bundesliga matchday, each DFB-Pokal round, as well as before Champions League and international matches. In addition to Bremen Vier, the column is currently also from 1 Live , Bayern 3 , hr1 , hr3 , hr-info , MDR Sputnik , SR 1 Europawelle and SWR1broadcast; it is also offered as a podcast by Radio Bremen. It is always accompanied by a theme song, a saying (“with fighting pig Zeigler”, “with a headball monster Zeigler” etc.) and with a comment from the football world (“Oh God, my old buddy”, “Everything else is Schnulli-Bulli” etc.) .) and ended with the words “And that must be enough for today!”.

Television broadcast

Television broadcast
Original title Zeigler's Wonderful World of Football (TV show)
Country of production Germany
Year (s) since 2007
Long 30 minutes
on Bundesliga soccer matchdays on Sundays at 10:15 p.m. (previously at 11:45 p.m.)
Genre Talk show , football broadcast
Ideas Arnd Zeigler
Moderation Arnd Zeigler
First broadcast August 12, 2007 on WDR television

Broadcast dates

Zeigler's wonderful world of football was broadcast for the first time on August 12, 2007 - parallel to the first Bundesliga matchday - and is shown on WDR television on Sundays at 10:15 p.m. after each Bundesliga matchday .


The program is produced live in Arnd Zeigler's private apartment. The moderation takes place in his study. What is particularly striking about the show is the desk decorated with a wide variety of objects and football devotional items . Zeigler also regularly recreates game scenes in his garden. Events related to football, especially the current Bundesliga matchday, as well as amusing image and video material with an anecdotal character, which is rather unknown, are shown and commented on. Characteristic is the retro-style presentation of the program, which is reminiscent of earlier football programs. There are often reminiscences of memorable and curious events in football history.

Based on the goal of the month known from the sports show , Zeigler regularly puts the poop goal of the month up for election. In contrast to the role model, the aim is to choose a goal that is as curious and random as possible, often an own goal .

In the early days of the show, viewers could call Zeigler under the telephone number “ 0221-56789112 ” (known as “Zeigler's football emergency call ” because of the last three digits) and discuss with him, express their opinion and profess to be a fan of a certain club. However, Zeigler still occasionally calls players and club officials (including Jürgen Klopp and Hans Meyer ). Zeigler also has guests in the studio, albeit rarely (including Matze Knop , Wynton Rufer and Diego Ribas da Cunha ).

The podcast Ball you need is Love , in which Zeigler meets prominent soccer fans and talks about their favorite teams, as well as the connection between soccer and music, has been accompanying the TV program since September 2019 . [1]


The issue of November 15, 2009 was entirely dedicated to goalkeeper Robert Enke , who died on November 10, 2009 . Zeigler did without the decoration that day, and he phoned Enke's friends and fans of Hannover 96 , his last club. He also showed film clips from Enke's life and a short report on the crash of British European Airways flight 609 , in which eight players on the professional Manchester United team were killed in 1958 .

Due to a technical defect, the program could not be broadcast on the 2nd Bundesliga match day of the 2010/11 season . [2]

No program was broadcast on October 30, 2011. The reason for this was “The Long Dittsche Night” with Olli Dittrich on WDR. Here Zeigler had a guest appearance in the first episode of the 16th season (150th broadcast) of Dittsche , with which the night began. [3] In this episode, "Dittsche" ruins the broadcast from Ingo's snack bar. On February 5, 2012, his return visit took place in Zeigler's broadcast. [4]

The broadcast on May 3, 2015 fell victim to Arnd Zeigler's illness ("acute infection" according to the broadcaster). Instead, the special Zeigler's Best of 50 years Bundesliga from 2013 was repeated. [5]

The issue of December 4, 2016 was canceled due to technical problems because a service provider could not set up a transmission line from the studio to the WDR. Instead, the special Zeigler's Best of 50 years Bundesliga was repeated again.

The broadcast on November 3, 2019 only ran live via YouTube and Facebook , as a Babylon Berlin marathon was programmed on WDR television .

The editions broadcast since March 15, 2020 took place completely without current game excerpts, as the Bundesliga was suspended due to the Corona crisis .

Printing units

Arnd Zeigler also published a book of the same name , which contains humorous soccer wisdom and deals with soccer comedy. Two editions of the book (2005, 2007) and other related or derived works have now appeared.

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