Zell am Andelsbach - Zell am Andelsbach

Zell am Andelsbach
City of Pfullendorf
Former coat of arms of Zell am Andelsbach
Coordinates: 47 ° 58 ′ 9 ″ N , 9 ° 15 ′ 32 ″ E
Height : 627 m
Incorporation : 1st January 1973
Postal code : 88630
Area code : 07552
In front Zell am Andelsbach, behind Schwäblishausen, behind Mottschieß
In front Zell am Andelsbach, behind Schwäblishausen , behind Mottschieß

Zell am Andelsbach is one of seven localities [1] in the city of Pfullendorf in the district of Sigmaringen in Baden-Württemberg , Germany .


Geographical location

Zell am Andelsbach is located about seven kilometers north of Pfullendorf on the edge of the old moraine area , which is crossed by the Andelsbach . The Andelsbach separates the two villages of Zell and Schwäblishausen. The village of Zell is on the western side of the valley slope ( 629 m above sea level ); Schwäblishausen across from Zell on the eastern flat slope side of the valley ( 615 m above sea level ). The Andelsbach river bed is 603 m above sea level. NN . In terms of landscape, Zell am Andelsbach belongs to the Upper Linzgau .


The villages of Zell am Andelsbach and Schwäblishausen belong to the village of Zell am Andelsbach . [2]


Schwäblishausen was first mentioned in 1251 as "Sweberichhusin" . From 1488 to 1806 Schwäblishausen belonged to the Fürstenberg imperial county of Heiligenberg . Heiligenberg was entitled to the lower court, tax and military sovereignty. However, the count's rights owned the county of Sigmaringen . [3] In 1806 Schwäblishausen became Baden .

Zell was mentioned as Celle in the 13th century . The name can probably be traced back to the time when Swabia was Christianized by Benedictines , when cell churches were founded all over the country. [4] In the course of history there was a nomenclature differentiation to "Zell above the Andelsbach" , from which "Zell am Andelsbach" became. [5]

From 1809, Zell am Andelsbach and Schwäblishausen were assigned to the Pfullendorf district office in the Baden Seekreis as a municipality. Although Schwäblishausen was a municipality of the Pfullendorf district office, the mediatized Prince zu Fürstenberg was named as a registrar of Schwäblishausen until 1848 .

In 1934 the parish of Zell am Andelsbach was formed from the parish village of Zell and the farming village of Schwäblishausen, which was an independent parish of the Überlingen district from January 1, 1939 until it was dissolved on January 1, 1973 . In the course of the district reform of Baden-Württemberg , Zell am Andelsbach was added to the city of Pfullendorf. [6] Since then, Zell and Schwäblishausen have belonged to the Sigmaringen district.


Former mayor

  • Joseph Rauch

Local council

The village of Zell am Andelsbach has its own local council , which consists of seven voluntary local councils including a local mayor as chairman. The local council is directly elected by the people. The electoral term lasts five years. Since the municipal elections in Baden-Württemberg in 2014, the local council has been composed as follows: [7] [8]

Local council election
58,2 %
41,8 %
Gains / losses
compared to 2009
+22,6 %p
-22,6 %p
Parties and constituencies %
CDU Christian Democratic Union of Germany 58,2 4 35,6 2
FW Free voters 41,8 3 64,4 5
total 100,0 7 100,0 7
Voter turnout in% 77,5 71,5


  • 1989–2014: Karl Fritz (Free Voters)
  • since 2014: Matthias Längle (CDU)

coat of arms

The coat of arms of Zell am Andelsbach shows a growing, red-armored, red-tongued black eagle in a split shield above in gold, and a blue wavy bar below in silver.

Culture and sights


  • The Catholic parish church of St. Peter and Paul [9] on the hill of the Kirchberg characterizes the landscape to a large extent. It goes back to the Romanesque period and its oldest part dates from before 1275. [10] In 1880/83 the church had to be expanded after the village of Zell had grown significantly until it could be consecrated in 1887 . [10] Together with the churchyard and walling [11] , it forms an entity according to the Monument Protection Act. The massive, plastered sacred building is a simple hall churchwith a flat wooden ceiling, the gable roof of which marks a clear east-west orientation, with a preceding transept that ends on three sides with a stepped gable. The choir tower also has a gable roof and has a bell and time display. [12] On December 10, 1950, the then Archbishop of Freiburg, Wendelin Rauch , consecrated two new bells. [10] The organ from 1975 comes from the organ building workshop Wilhelm Schwarz & Sohn . The furnishings include two sculptures of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, the church patron. They are located directly on the east wall of the church under the cross and are attributed to the Swabian Ulm master from Zell am Andelsbach . [13]Next to it there are relief depictions of Saints Barbara and Catherine, and in a niche behind a grille a "Christ in prison on chains". A statue of the Virgin Mary and a statue of Wendelinus are located on the former side altars of the parish church. [10] The latter is testimony to a very lively pilgrimage to Saint Wendelin, who is still venerated in Zell to this day. [10] When it is dark, the church is impressively illuminated. [14]
  • Next to the church is the imposing parsonage of the former parish of Zell am Andelsbach from 1757. [10] The yellow-painted building with a beautifully designed parish garden, striking hipped mansard roof and its green shutters offers the parish large space for parish activities and serves as a retirement home for Felix Kreuzberger, former parish priest in Scheer. [14] In the 1980s, the then ailing building was being demolished. Ultimately, the decision was made to carry out a comprehensive renovation, which cost around 800,000 German marks. [15]

Economy and Infrastructure

Established businesses

  • The headquarters of the Feldmann fish farm is in Schwäblishausen . The family company was founded in 1927 by Heiner Feldmann sen. founded in Bad Waldsee and relocated its headquarters to Pfullendorf in 1992. After the founding phase, further ponds were added in Bergatreute and Bainders . On an area of ​​around five hectares, the company operates 41 production tanks for trout, salmon trout and char [16] , as well as seven other trout farms in Germany and two in France. According to its own information, Feldmann produces 2000 tons of fish, making it the largest trout farm in Germany and supplying wholesalers across Europe.[17]


Sons and daughters of the place

Wendelin Rauch
  • Wendelin Rauch (1885–1954), Catholic theologian; was Archbishop of Freiburg from 1948 to 1954; Honorary citizen of Zell


In the history of Zell there were miracles: In the 18th century the building of a certain Anton Reiser was mysteriously spared from flames and the devastating cattle epidemic had avoided the place. [18]



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